Variant Details Tab

The Variant Details tab contains a listing of all the properties associated with the product variant.

The Variant Details tab contains the following controls:
  1. Media Control-change the sequence of the media by dragging and dropping thumbnails on the sequence. Click the + to add media with the Media Picker.
  2. Variant ID- unique identifier for the variant.
  3. List Price- default price before discounts or promotions.
  4. Language Control- switch the product details to another supported language.
  5. Save Control- saves the product details to the system.
Variant Details

Variant Details

Select Media Tool

The Select Media Tool contains the following controls:
  1. Upload Media Control- adds media files to the system.
  2. Media Menu Control- Select the media displayed in the content area.
  3. Filters Control- Allows you to filter list items by content item property.
  4. Content area- displays media assets.
  5. Select Media Control- adds selected media to the commerce content item.
  6. View Control- Toggles the content area are between list view and tree view.
  7. Search Control: Use this control to launch search queries.
Note: The Select Media Control can only be used if you are using Sitecore as your CMS. If you are not, you will see a text box to enter the relative URL to your media asset.
Select Media Tool

Select Media Tool