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Valid for Sitecore 6.x
Download Sitecore CMS and DMS

The Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is the combination of Sitecore CMS and DMS, and is an application to Sitecore CMS versions 6.5 and later. Please follow the instructions and guidelines below to install the Sitecore CMS and DMS products.

Sitecore CMS is only supported on machines that meet the requirements described in the Requirements chapter of the Sitecore CMS 6 Installation Guide. For detailed information about the requirements for Sitecore CMS and the installation procedure, see the Sitecore CMS Installation Guide.
Before installing Sitecore CMS 6, read the Release Notes.

To learn more about Sitecore’s versioning system, see the Sitecore Versioning Policy page.

Latest Versions of Sitecore CMS

The latest version of Sitecore 6.6:

The latest version of Sitecore 6.5:

The latest version of Sitecore 6.4:

The latest version of Sitecore 6.3:

The latest version of Sitecore 6.2:

Other Versions of Sitecore CMS

Important Notes for all Sitecore CMS 6 Versions

Installation Problems

For information about troubleshooting installation problems, see:

Installation Wizard Feedback

We would appreciate your feedback about the Installation Wizard. If you have any feedback, please contact Sitecore Customer Service.