Upload Media to Sitecore

Context for the current task

  1. Open the Select Media tool.
    Click the + button in the Media Control.
    Remember: Information about the Details tab is available from Help. Click the Help icon in the header bar for information on the fields.
  2. Open the Upload Media tool.
    Click the Upload Media button.
    The system displays the Upload Media tool.
  3. Optional: Change the destination for uploaded media assets.
    1. Click the Change Destination control.
      The system displays the content tree.
    2. Browse to the desired destination folder for your media assets.
    3. Select the folder.
      Click on the desired folder.
      The system highlights the folder and enables the Confirm button.
    4. Click Confirm.
      The system updates the destination path in the Upload Media tool.
  4. Add media assets to the Upload Media tool.
    Drag and drop files into the tool, or browse for files using the Browse for media files control.
    The system enables the Upload Media control.
  5. Upload the chosen assets.
    Click the Upload Media control.