Start a Pipeline Batch ProgrammaticallyΒΆ

Pipeline batches can be started programmatically using the following code:

Guid tenantId = ...         //tenant that owns the pipeline batch
Guid pipelineBatchId = ...  //pipeline batch
IEnumerable<PipelineBatch> batches = null;
batches = Sitecore.DataExchange.Context.TenantRepository.GetPipelineBatches(tenantId);
if (batches != null)
  PipelineBatch pipelineBatch = batches.FirstOrDefault(x => x.ID == pipelineBatchId);
  if (pipelineBatch != null)
    var runner = new InProcessPipelineBatchRunner();
    if (runner.Run(pipelineBatch))
      //pipeline batch was started


Depending on the pipeline batch you run, it may take a long time for the batch to complete. Unless you are certain that the pipeline batch will finish is a short amount of time, you may prefer to run the pipeline batch in a Sitecore task.